By encouraging and supporting our restaurant partners to source meal ingredients from local farms and producers as often as possible, Good Food Kitchens is building a more connected and resilient local food economy while funding the creation of community meals. We work to connect our restaurant partners with small, independent farms growing culturally relevant produce that will support their menus and community preferences. Some of the farms our partners source from include:
21acres (1)
21 Acres


21 Acres is a self-described living laboratory focused on climate solutions. An educational farm that produces organic fruit, vegetables, flowers, and honey while hosting two community gardens with an agroecological approach. 

Oxbow Farms


Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center is a nonprofit organization located on 240 acres of forest and farmland offering produce from their 12 acres of vegetables, herbs, and flowers using agroecological growing practices.

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Namuna Garden


Namuna Garden is a part of the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots program. It is a community garden located in a large, donated back yard and is run by local immigrant and refugee community members learning how to farm and grow for market. 

Lee’s Fresh Produce 


Lee’s Fresh Produce started as a five-acre farm in 2001, and has grown to a second generation, 40-acre farm producing U-Pick strawberries, vegetables, herbs, and flowers with stalls at local markets and delivery to area grocery stores. 

Lee S Fresh Produce
Friendly Hmong Farms
Friendly Hmong Farms


Rooted in mutual aid and community care, Friendly Hmong Farms is an intergenerational farm and CSA program growing vegetables and flowers. 

Sariwa Farm


Sariwa Farm is a half-acre farm specializing in sustainably grown Filipino vegetables that include sponge gourd, moringa, and okra. Sariwa Farm is a part of Viva Farms incubator program. 

Wakulima USA 


Wakulima USA is a cooperative farm run by 20 farmers from various countries in Africa. They advance small business development and food sovereignty for low-income immigrants and people of color in the Puget Sound region.  

Black Farmers Collective / Yes Farm

The Black Farmers Collective is a mutual aid network of Black-led, regenerative farms and gardens in partnership with other BIPOC farmers, organizers, and leaders creating a food system for healthier communities.

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Nurturing Roots


In creating community through gardening, Nurturing Roots focuses on sharing the truth about systemic oppression with an emphasis on food and environmental justice.

Clean Greens


Clean Greens is a small nonprofit farm and CSA program owned and operated by residents of Seattle’s Central District. Offering chemical-free organic vegetables, Clean Greens supplies inner-city markets and strives to solve the problem of limited access to healthy foods and produce in low-income urban neighborhoods. 

Cleangreens (2)
Bsf B&w (1)
Black Star Farmers


Black Star Farmers grows high-quality produce, plants, and traditional medicines to create self-sufficient communities. They reclaim Black and Indigenous relationships with the land, improving BIPOC communities’ food sovereignty, and guide difficult discussions about racial inequality.

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